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I’m not a refugee – the book !

192 pages, 240 x 300 mm
Available via pre-selling. In bookshops 3.march 2017.
Price to the public, €25 ISBN 978-99959-33-22-7

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Prefaced by Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and by François Gemenne, a political analyst, sociologist and international migration specialist, the publication I’m not a refugee brings together twenty portraits of refugees who have found a welcome in Luxembourg. The book presents us with the infancy, life, development, challenges and dreams experienced by Halid, Haidar, Hind, Wafaa, Yazan, Anna, Modi, Mellot, Nour, Hadi, Mario, Hamoda, Ahmed, Aws, Firas, Mahmoud, Mellot and Husain. We enter into their lives.

The following project is not only attractive, it has become a necessity in our society. Looking into the eyes of a person provides new angles for reflexion.” Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign Affairs

This book opens a path and allows that essential barrier to fall, showing us that refugees are not different from us but a part of ourselves.” François Gemenne, Environmental geopolitics and migration governance researcher (Sciences Po / Université de Liège)

Special thanks

Throughout the past 12 months, I’m a not a refugee evolved from an idea to an ambitious social inclusion campaign reaching around 50,000 citizens for each released portrait. This has only been possible due to the support and talent of many people.

My heartfelt thanks to:
Halid, Haidar, Hind, Wafaa, Yazan, Anna, Modi, Nour, Hadi, Mario, Hamoda, Ahmed, Aws, Firas, Mahmoud, Mellot and Husain for your trust.

Sven Becker and Mike Zenari for your eye and talent.

Mike Koedinger (Maison Moderne) and Thierry Raizer ( for your unwavering support.

Martine Neyen, from the mateneen call for projects, for your relentless support, patience and kindness.

Pierre Bley, the board of Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, and the jury of the mateneen call for projects for supporting this project by co- nancing the campaign as well as this book.

Vitali Poluzhnikov, Caio Andrade, Mitsuko Sato,
Diedrik Persson, Mike Wittrup & Daniel Rorbaek, the six friends I partnered up with and who created the initial concept and design direction ( Without you and your open source mindset nothing would have been possible.

Eryn Alexandrova, Jean Asselborn, François Gemenne and Thierry Labro for continuously challenging me in your unique ways.

Erica Gwyne, Alix Rassel-Burton and Carly Peruccio for your help in proofreading.

Stéphanie Poras-Schwickerath and José Carsi from Maison Moderne’s publishing team for their advice and talent in setting up this book.

Marianne Donven, Martin Guérin, Radek Lipka, Sven Mühlen, Hedda Pahlson-Möller, Guillaume Rischard for you support.

Our 4,300 followers on Facebook. Together we stand strong for an open, multilayered and colorful Luxembourg.

Special thanks to Göran Söderström / Letters from Sweden and Pilar Cano / Letterjuice for kindly providing us with the Lab Grotesque and Baldufa Arabic typefaces.

Frédérique Buck