Infinitely complex, the challenges of tomorrow demand a completely new open-mindedness, the pollination of sectors and an unprecedented collaboration between different players.

This project is co-creation at its best!

Concept, coordination & interviews: Frédérique Buck


Hosting: Guillaume Rischard

Photography: Sven Becker  –

This project is developed with the financial support of Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (call for projects mateneen).

Graphic design: Vitali Poluzhnikov, Caio Andrade, Mitsuko Sato,
Diedrik Persson, Mike Wittrup & Daniel Rorbaek, the six friends I partnered up with and who created the initial concept and design direction ( Without you and your open source mindset nothing would have been possible.

Special thanks to Göran Söderström / Letters from Sweden and Pilar Cano / Letterjuice for kindly providing us with the Lab Grotesque and Baldufa Arabic typefaces.

Our 4,300 followers on Facebook. Together we stand strong for an open, multilayered and colorful Luxembourg.

MATENEEN-LOGO-COLOURBIGSpecial thanks to our Media Partner

Marianne Donven from Hariko ( for her relentless support.

Djuna Bernard from Croix-Rouge, Laura Zuccoli from ASTI, Claudine Lorang from Oeuvre nationale grande-duchesse Charlotte and Nathalie Medernach from OLAI for their kindness, time and advice.

Abdu Gnaba (, Claude Frisoni, Hedda Pahlson-Moller ( and Thomas Schoos for their enthousiam and precious feedbacks.

Finally, infinite thanks to Mustafa, Modi, Yazan, Mahmoud, Wafaa, Hind, Haidar, Mellot, Nour, Husain… for their trust and sharing some of their stories. We can’t wait to share more stories and we hope many residents will connect to the refugees (via the “connect” button at the end of each portrait!)

Citizen engagement and People power are key.